Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday's Spankable

"What do you mean babe? I always wear these shorts to the gym."

"If you're man enough to spank me do it already!"

"Daddy said no skateboarding in the house, but I don't care!"

"I know we're going to be late but I just came out of the shower."

"Ha ha, daddy told me to wait for in my room for the strap but when he walks in and sees I'm naked he'll just blush and walk out!!!"

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend.:)


JD in Houston said...

Veronica, with all these "double-spankings," it begs the question if YOU have ever been spanked along with another naughty girl... Maybe not over the lap at the same time, but how about with each taking her turn, one after the other?

Personally I love the concept of "multiple spankees," even if "multiple" is two. A "line-up" is the best, where there are a number in line to take a turn over a waiting completely changes the dynamics, as the ones waiting in line may be tearing up just watching the preview of their own fate, perhaps lips quivering, bottoms tingling, some involuntarily covering their own butts with their hands, in something of a natural-protection reaction, etc... You can just IMAGINE the emotions being ALL OVER the charts, while watching and waiting, as each has a turn... And then maybe all lined up facing a wall, noses touching wall, hands on head, a row of red, bare fannies on full display!

Does it really ever get any better than this?!

Anonymous said...

Naughty Skateboarder ? No problem Veronica. Papa knows how to deal with it. He's fetching his big, nasty, flexi-hard-rubber-soled flip flop to tan her hide already. Job done !

Oh my ! Gas mark 9 for that lily-white bum in the kitchen. I keep my patented, hard, flexible, rubber spatula in that top left-hand drawer Veronica (mommy's best friend). And a wooden spoon too. A sore-botty-red-ass dance and hip-hop coming right up !

Just look at that lil' cutey girl smiling on the bed, Veronica. Yes, Oh my ! Daddy's sure gonna take the skin of that sensitive-skinned, whiter-than-alabaster-white, pouty-lil' botty quivering on the bed already. Boo-Hoo.

Please do not worry Veronica, it's just an expression young lady. No actual skinning ...just a perfectly harmless, kind, loving, good, Ol' fashioned, bare bottom tanning with the strap like most girls gotten when I was growing up in the South. A fact of life. Get used to it girl !
But that fairest-paler-shade-of-white tender, soft ass sure does need some red-sore-whuppin' to wipe that smile off her face !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx