Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More "GREAT" art!

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Anonymous said...

Silence in The Library !!!
Noise is forbidden. Except for the sound of a naughty lil' girl's fairy-tender botty-bots getting whooped red and bare by her mother. That is acceptable. Ol' fashioned values prevail !
I so approve already, Veronica.
But is it not normal to take the naughty, lil' terror-Brat outside for a bare bottom spanking ?

Veronica, have you ever seen a spanking in The Library ? :-)

I have not seen such a thing. But growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, I saw my friends in our princess gang (our Church Group and Bible Class) who gotten their bare, chubby, alabaster-white botties exposed and spanked by their moms in public: in the store, the mall, the parking lot and in the park already. And at moms coffee mornings too. Oh my ! Strict mommies sure did their duty of care Veronica...but never in The Library !

Talking of strict no-nonsense mommies whooping bare, cotton-soft, tender-white bums, check out "Double Trouble for Sarah" on right now.

Oh my ! Miss Elizabeth and Dana Specht sure pull down pretty, lil' cotton underpanties and tan Big Naughty Sarah G's fairest-skinned, unprotected botty-surface with the bath brush until it goes a bright, red-sore-ass-scarlet. Poor Sarah is well punished Veronica. Boo-Hoo.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx