Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New meaning to the blushing bride :)

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Anonymous said...

Spare the rod spoil the bride ?
Veronica, this father is showing his daughter's new hubby how to deal with her tantrums and high-maintenance attitude. This is how she gotten raised in her childhood.

Veronica, when I gotten married in the 1980s, my mother gave my hubby the "spanky-stick" that lived in the cupboard in my childhood; and told my hubby to spank me with it when I gotten naughty. How embarrassing eh Veronica?

My hubby was intrigued and a lil' embarrassed already (him not being from the South) because he knew that yours truly and my sister had gotten this dreaded flexible, rattan switch across our bare white botties (from our mother) when were naughty lil' daughters in Atlanta throughout the 1960s.

Bring a religious, strict Southern mom, my mother showed no PC or embarrassment Veronica. Not once ! Talking about spanking her daughters with other moms in the mall was common.

And I will never forget she showed the other Church moms the cane on a coffee morning (1967) and said how her lil' Brenda gotten her panties pulled down and her bare bottom whooped with the "rod of correction" when she was bad. Mommy's Christian family values and talking about corporal punishment (on her daughters' bare behinds !) was constant Veronica. Same with the other strict Church moms too in the 1960s. Keep it in the family Veronica!
Nostalgic Naughty Lil Brenda xx