Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

Let's double our spanks... because two spankings are better then one!

... and the Sunday funnies.:)


Anonymous said...

The sons and daughters have sound spanks from their mummies ,best spanks from Tim ,hello Brenda too.

Anonymous said...

Seats of Learning misbehaved, Veronica. The panties did not !
So botties gotten skinned. And justice gotten served.

Love Cartoon 1 - Awe bless those cute lil' fairy-tender, princess brats, Veronica. Their soft-skinned botties (duly exposed) sure gotten to feel the wrath of their kind mommy who administers TLC and traditional, Ol' fashioned, mommy-approved remedies for misbehavior !!
Mom is sooo cross, just look at her eyes :-)
Love her daughters' expressions already. They sure feel the hornets nest good n sound on the sensitive skin divinely provided !
Ouchieeeees to bare, fairy-soft botties over mommy's knee. It's the only way, Veronica. Oh my !

Great art here. Cartoon 5 reminds me of the moms coffee mornings in Georgia in the 1960s. Oh my ! Those two exasperated moms on the sofa ave had enough of their daughters already and now practise what they always preach !

And on cartoon 6. Has our super-hero-mommy (love the outfit and purple hair !) arrived just in time to save the day, Veronica ?
With with her traditional, martinet-style "botty smacker" ready to lend a strict, loving hand and save the world from these terrible, lil-princess-brats.
Fear not - the panties sure gonna have to come down to teach these brats a lesson Veronica. Don't spare the tender bare mom !
She'sure is a no-nonsense mommy after my own heart.
Have a good weekend Veronica, Tony and y'all.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx