Thursday, March 22, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "She's Got Legs"

Ever since I was a little girl my mother insisted that I wear pretty little dresses and instilled in me that girls do not wear pants but instead should wear dresses and skirts. Growing up and living in Texas it wasn't much of an issue since the temperatures down here are quite warm and get very hot in the summer months. Today is March 22 and while much of the US has been getting snow we are in the 70's and 80's Fahrenheit. As a youngster I went to Catholic school since it was the only private school around even though I'm Protestant (Methodist) so obviously in school I always wore a uniform skirt. When I was in High School I kept that skirt quite short and even received detention on several occasions for keeping a less than modest hem line...:) Many girls at school felt self conscious wearing the uniform skirt and many wore gym shorts underneath but not me, I always wore cute little panties and felt very comfortable in my short uniform skirt. When I was 16 a modeling scout approached me at the mall and asked if I would be interested in being a leg model for bathing suits and dresses. Later that night he contacted my mother and soon my legs showed up in catalogs across the country. Well into adulthood I still continue wearing skirts and dresses and I rarely wear pants but I do own some snug jeans I save for colder days. As you already know I like my hem line short and when I first met my hubby he was not too pleased. This next photo-set was taken many years ago for wearing a little black skirt that barley covered my bottom... :)


Anonymous said...

Sooooo love to hear these facts about you Veronica. Wonderful ! Thank you. So fascinating. I am a "reality" girl rather than a "fantasy" girl when it comes to spanking narratives. My hubby likes fantasy. I prefer facts !...OK, then some fantasy ha-ha :-)
Simple - I am from the South and gotten a strict 1960s upbringing. My hubby is not. And did not !

So love your lush legs, Veronica: silky calves and velvety thighs.. You were a fab model already. And still are. Swimsuits sound lovely ( especially pulled down for a stingy flip flop on your alabaster-white botty when you gotten naughty !) And I so also love all the Japanese side of things for you, and the intersection with domestic spanking, of course.

I soooo like the idea of your strict mother making you wear pretty, lil' dresses and skirts. And you being rebelliously naughty and cheeky and all, with your lil' cotton panties and short skirts. A Southern story. Oh my !

So the clothes I wore growing up in the early 1960s and into the 1970s are inextricably linked with CP from my mom ! My sister and me gotten to wear very cute but conservative, traditional clothes (suitable for Church). Our religious mom would purchase "suitable" Ol' fashioned, 1950s style clothes from the store - pretty dresses (canary yellow, pastel blue) and very cute but conservative shorts or pants. So very 1950s, when I was born.

We had to wear those iconic 1950s big, snuggy, cozy, whiter-than--white, soft, cotton underwear. They were like slips and shorts. Those ridiculuous, large, voluminous, underpanties were scary...because we gotten them pulled down by mom when our naughty backsides needed a switching !

I now call those fab, fleecy-white, Ol' fashioned panties "Strictmoor Academy Knickers ", Veronica ! :-) I reckon Sarah Gregory and Harley Havik gotten a wardrobe full. But I wore them the first time around at home as a lil' girl in Atlanta's suburbs ! I love those retro-style clothes now, naturally :-)

Oh my ! Ol' fashioned clothes, alabaster-white bums and tan lines, "the rod of correction" and bare botty whoopings. Those fab 1960s upbringings eh ?!
Great post Veronica :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Cute girl otks ,best spanks from Tim x