Thursday, March 1, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "The Slipper"

Besides using his bare hand and the dreaded hairbrush, Tony also uses the slipper on me quite often. The slipper he likes to use has a firm flat rubber sole that makes a very loud "thwack" on bare skin. The slipper is mostly reserved for bedroom spankings and to be honest it's my favorite implement besides a mans bare hand. Unlike the hairbrush, the slipper has some give to it making for a more pleasurable feel when getting spanked ...:)


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely set, i love how you describe the scenes as much as your round cheeks <3.
Greetings for Tony, we love you both, and keep that butt of yours in trouble <3.

Anonymous said...

The slipper was used in UK schools until fairly recently for naughtiness ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Soooo love that last photo Veronica - pictures of you throughout this fab Blog, standing there already, dressed in green, pink, red, white and black;rubbing your sore punished lovely, softy bum ! :-)

Yes, I love the slipper too. I know how you feel Veronica - Ooooooh ! That hard, flexible, nasty, rubber sole, full across your unprotected fairy-soft, tender botty skin. Ouchieeees !

Oh my ! I do especially like those hard, thin "plimsoll" type slippers used in the gym. And those nasty stingy beach-sandals or flip flops with the extra-hard, whippy sole.....sure are a danger to naughty princesses in swimsuits on holiday Veronica. Oh my !!

My hubby and I love the slipper and the strap, Veronica. It is something we "discovered" when we first met.
Way back, during my 1960s childhood, the "rod of correction" that I gotten on my bare behind (mainly from mom) was not a slipper - or strap or paddle - but was a lil' nasty, thin, rattan cane...a real rod ! It was a typical, flexible, thin rattan switch, fairly common in households...and sometimes called a Southern switch or Biblical Switch, being raised in Georgia and all !

So when I gotten the slipper from my hubby it was a new, novel experience. I loved the difference ! And I agree with you - soooo love the smacking sound on bare skin already. Oh my ! Something for the neighbors to hear ha-ha :-)

Veronica, I would so love to see you get an OTK bare botty slippering from those strict mommies, Miss Anna, Tasha Lee or Miss Elizabeth.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx