Tuesday, March 27, 2018

This one is for all you "NAUGHTY" boys...

I'd say he learned his lesson..:)


Mike Pahula said...

Is this picture of recently spanking you gave Tony for being naughty bad boy what did he do to have be spanked over his beautiful wife lap bet you taufght him good lesson

i may use this pic to show all those strict female who i love be spanked by
will tell them iam been naughty boy since iam naughty boy this is what should happen
i need go over lap like this for spanking teach me lesson

Anonymous said...

You are such a yummy, lil' gorgeous mummy switch, Veronica. Just look at you girl. You are so lovely but a real meany mommy !
Poor Tony - he's such a bad boy :-)

My hubby gotten so excited about the scenario of you tanning his bare ass. I'm gonna send him right over already !
And I also love the thought of you skinning my alabaster-white botty too. Like I am a naughty daughter and you are soooo cross with me, Veronica. "Sorry mommy Boo-Hoo."

I am thinking that you remind me of the lovely Miss Anna (from Strictmoor Academy) who is both a naughty lil' daughter and a strict mommy ! Ditto for Sara Gregory and Alex Reynolds who both switch.

Veronica, see some wonderful strict, loving mommies punishing naughty lil' princess-brats this week. First, Momma Spankings - "Spanked for Smoking". Poor Momma Clare has to whoop her daughter's unprotected, fairest-skinned botty with a plastic hairbrush as part of TLC and maternal guidance. Sure gotten scarlet and stingy. Momma says, "Stand up and take those panties down". Oh my !

Second, Northern Spanking.com has lovely, realistic, domestic CP previews, "Towed Away" and "Irresponsible Behavior". Our strict, loving mommy-hero, Alex Reynolds, gives sound whuppin's on the tender, bare botties of naughty daughters and princesses with the slipper and paddle. Oh my ! Strict Alex is sure reminding me of my own mother in the 1960s :-(
Strict Mommy Brenda xx