Monday, April 23, 2018

Before the internet there was...

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Anonymous said...

A world of black n white. When bottoms gotten red - Does nostalgia sting your bare ass, Veronica ? It sure does mine !

Those fab shops selling spanking magazines were so compelling in the 1970s and 1980s eh ?! :-)
As a student in the 1970s, I had more time little money.
Then, on starting work at a big company, I had more money, little time ha-ha !
But those shops and magazines and then videos were mesmerizing already.

I was in my rebellious-punky-studenty mode, having escaped from a very strict, religious early 1960s upbringing in suburban Georgia where CP was normal...and memorable !! :-(
A balanced Southern childhood of Church, Bible classes and bare botty whoopings. Oh and cheerleading, naturally.

As I have written already, I found those early, iconic "Debbie and her mother" photos and videos (started 1980, I do believe) incredible.
My 1960s childhood spankings at home from mom were suddenly being transposed onto film and print !!
This took on even more meaning when I discovered they were mother (Margo) and daughter (Debbie) in real life, Veronica !

Now in my late 50s, I have recently been more involved with retro-ideas. I have been building my 1950s/60s clothes range and developing my famous tan lines ha-ha. With help from a large 1950s two-piece swimsuit already ! :-)
Oh my ! Tan lines, alabaster-white bums and spankings were definitely pre-internet ha-ha.
Hugs and spanks.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx