Sunday, April 15, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

That moment when you're about to cry..:(


Anonymous said...

Just like it ever was...

Love the celetsial, bright light shining off your angelic bottom Veronica. Oh my !
Crying is an essential part of a good smacked bottom. If there's no crying, then it's not a spanking. That's why naughty, tender bottoms gotten bared already !

Those first few unmistakably harsh, raw, hard smacks on the fairest-sensitive skin of your bare backside take your breath away, Veronica. Gasp !!
That initial shock defines the spanking process and then the unbearable sting of the hornets nest builds and builds. And so the crying begins. And it never stops. Neither does the whooping !

It is the same for we naughty girls today from our strict hubbies just as we gotten from our strict, loving mommas and papas growing up as naughty lil' girls in the 1970s for you and the 1960s for me. Bare botties gotten beat red. All good 'n sound !

Crying and unbearable stinging red bums are harmless. And just a necessary part of normal, loving, caring discipline Veronica. After punishment, Tony will pull up your panties (they did not misbehave already) then give you a hug and send you to your room.

You will do the switchy-dance and stingy-botty-hip-hop all the way to your room...while still crying and blubbing like a naughty lil' well spanked princess already. Rubbing your burning red ass.
That is the process Veronica. That is the punishment.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

It´s time to bring the hugs and the butt rubbing in <3