Sunday, April 8, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

The following morning our sleepover guest watched from the next room as I got a good spanking... It was soooo embarrassing! :)


Anonymous said...

Lucky ,best spanks from Tim x hello Brenda too.

Anonymous said...

Wanna save a few surface layers of tender skin off your fairy-soft botty, Veronica ?
Then behave yourself already !!!
And stop getting whooped ass :-)

Oh my ! Everybody has had quite enough of your Lil' Miss Tantrum Face and her potty mouth !
Of your Precociously - Precious - Lil' - Princess-Brat antics and terrible behaviour, young lady !

To fear and feel the smack of the "rod" on the sensitive skin of our bare backsides is not embarrassing, Veronica. It is normal !
And it was a rite of passage for we naughty lil' girls next door and a way of life we gotten used to in strict times of yore, growing up as lil' girls in Ol' fashioned, traditional households. Where CP not PC was the rule.

Lovely to see the hint of your fairest, lily-white, chubby bum on this scene Veronica. Panties had to cone down. And it sure shows the guests and y'all that Tony is the strictest, traditional Naughty Lil' Daughter's Bare Botty Happy Papi when it comes to spanking his naughty lil' missy !
He's tanning your white hide a good'un Veronica. Don't spare the bare, Papi !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx