Monday, April 9, 2018

For all you naughty boys..:)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my ! So lovely to see a strict, older lady of wisdom and experience Veronica ;-)
What a stern, yummy mommy she is ! I am sending my hubby over already. And me, myself, have been very naughty recently, so I need a good bare-ass whuppin, OTK too !
And naturally, I want to see her pull down your panties and skin your soft, chubby botty with a wooden spoon Veronica and send you to bed young lady !

I am now in my late 50s (very late ha-ha !) but when I met my hubby, I was a submissive spankee only. This reflected my strict, religious, Southern upbringing in the 1960s. But we were blessed with two lovely daughters in the mid 1980s. Hubby was not a disciplinarian. He was the good cop. Oh my ! I was the strict mommy bad cop by default...and botty-smacker-in-chief for my daughters when they gotten naughty. The rubber spatula in the early years and then the Southern switch gotten applied to sensitive, bare bottoms when deserved !

My hubby acknowledged the benefits of CP and so fair discipline is fair discipline for all. So I started to whoop his ass when he was bad ! So I naturally became a switch. I think it's a natural function of getting older Veronica. I am enjoying seeing Sarah Gregory being a strict mom more recently (in addition to being a naughty daughter) and of course the lovely Miss Anna is both a wonderful naughty daughter and strict, loving mom.
Great post, thank you :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx