Monday, April 30, 2018

For all you "Naughty Boys"

"If you don't eat these cupcakes I baked I'll just have to take you across my lap and tan your bare bottom good!!!"


Anonymous said...

She's just given my hubby an offer he can't refuse, Veronica - but which offer ? :-)

She sure has some juicy, lush thighs and a round, pouty-swelling botty already, Veronica. Oh my ! But I would really like to see her bare-bottomed over your knee, those cute, snuggy shorts n panties around her knees, getting some mommy-approved, sore-botty CP with a wooden spoon from you Veronica. How dare she be so brazen with her cupcakes !

Alternatively maybe strict, super-hero mommy Miss Anna will cone to the rescue and tan her bare backside to a shade of water melon red ?! Cherry-Red cupcakes served-up already !

Check out Miss Anna today on Veronica, as she reddens two lil' naughty, perky-white botties with her hairbrush. Miss Anna looks lovely in her pretty blue dress and sure gives these miscreant princesses their just desserts. (Alas no cupcakes)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Us boys go otks from this pretty miss ,best spanks Tim.