Monday, April 2, 2018

Just girls having some fun..XoXo

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Anonymous said...

Veronica, is "mommy" saying on top photo: "Yes I am gonna take your panties down young lady ! For it was not your panties that misbehaved ".

Oh my ! I sure found it a nasty shock already when in early 1960s, as a naughty lil' one, my mother was grabbing the waistband of my cutey shorts and 1950s panties whilst holding the wooden spoon. It was my rite of passage as a Southern girl to discover "it was not my panties that misbehaved " Boo-Hoo. And it was a few seconds later, those forlorn waistbands hugging my knees - the last bastions of protection pulled down so I could tremble in the breeze on your bare botty moment !!!....,that I duly and sadly became "the cute little deer with the bear behind" .

Veronica, check out Harley's Foul Mouth, Momma Spankings already. Oh my ! Mommy exposed her daughter's fairest, chubby botty for a good whooping and a mouth-soaping. Look at Harley's soft botty over the sink. Oh my ! Her backside needs a switching as my mom would say.
Miss Elizabeth sure reminds me of my younger strict self , when blessed with my two lil' daughters in the 1980s. No mouth -soapings in our house Veronica, but I sure believe God provided them with fairy-soft, sensitive skin on their chubby seats for a purpose... when the rod of correction called.. The rubber spatula and later the cane lived in the drawer and cupboard respectively. And panties always gotten pulled down when botties gotten whooped. It's the only way Veronica.
I would love to see you and me gotten spanked by Miss Elizabeth. So swell for sure :-)
Strict Mom Brenda xx