Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More "GREAT" art!!!

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Anonymous said...

Veronica in the picture again ! :-)
Hey girlfriend, your botty matches your dress. Well, nearly. Almost !
Way to go Tony !
I think you need to feel some more discomfort Veronica. Not all of the angry hornets are out of the nest, attacking the soft-white target already !
So lovely picture, Veronica.

Check out today, Veronica: "Sarah Betrays Mommy". Oh my ! Younger, super-mommy Christina Carter is real mad and has passed sentence on her daughter. She has decided that a lil' pair of panties has to come down for traditional, maternal correction.

Poor Sarah G's fairy-soft, chubby, white botty gotten a well-deserve whuppin' with hand and hairbrush,over mom's knee. See her pouty-bottom ,swelling in her soft, mauve cutey-cotton panties. How could mommy resist spanking that quivering seat of learning so very hard in its sensitive, bare state ? No worries. Mommy does not resist. Justice gotten served here today, Veronica.

Would sure like to see you getting your bare bum spanked as naughty daughter number two in this scene, Veronica ! What a lush thought eh ? :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx