Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies..:)


Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - haha :-) Gramps is such a Ol' super-hero.
I bet he's seen that bare, white ass before already !
Do you think he will use his cane, Veronica ? Living dangerously !

What a lovely, kind, caring Japanese mommy doing her duty, cartoon 2, Veronica. Looks like a good Judo-hold already ! :-)
The naughty lil' princess-brat has gotten the special, patented, skin treatment and TLC for sensitive-tender surfaces. Mommy-approved for naughty unclothed botties. I sure approve of that. Oh my !

Likewise the animation on cartoon 3. Oh my ! What a wonderful strict father he is.
Gulp ! I recognize him Boo-Hoo.
He sure mean business. No need to spank through protective coverings eh ? The naughty brat sure shows surprise when she feels that cool breeze on her botty moment...that we all fear and know so well, Veronica !
Wonderful expressions and animation as the hornets nest reddens her pale, bare hiney. She loses her slippers and her panties. She sure gotten the message Veronica. Go girl !
And just you behave already or Papi will skin your lily-white backside.

Spanking in the malls of Atlanta ? This, cartoon 4, was reality when I was a lil' girl growing up in the 1960s. A common occurrence among our princess gang (Church group) when naughty daughters dissed their moms. Botties gotten bared and spanked in public. And everyone approved. Who can ever forget those experiences ?!

Veronica, I go down the gym nearly every day. Why does this not happen at my gym Boo-Hoo ?(last cartoon)...Am I in the wrong membership already ?!
Have a good weekend Veronica, Tony, Tim and y'all.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Looks likethe mummie s son is playing up in the shop so she is giving him a sound spanking as his lil sis is watching and enjoying his discomfiture best spanks from Tim to Veronica and Brenda with huggles x