Monday, April 16, 2018

Someone needs a pillow..


Anonymous said...

Veronica gotten her white bottom skinned a good'un by mom....

Oooh just look at your lovely perky-peaky-botty here Veronica...peeping through. Anxious about the reality of corporal punishment for the naughty lil' daughter next door.

You need a pillow for some support when you get your bare hiney whipped with my patented Southern switch eh Veronica ?
Sure, let me get that pillow for you already my girl. Now bend over at once !

Check out fabulous "Two Little Thieves" today on
Oh my, veronica. Sooooo good !! Realistic CP and all.
Poor lil' naughty Sarah Gregory rubbing her big, fairy-soft palest-white botty !

Traditional, strict, no-nonsense mommy Miss Elizabeth (love her) spanks two naughty lil' missies who are "Locker room pirates" ! Oh my ! So cute and vintage. Great cheer leader outfits and two pairs of bright yellow 1950s style panties gotten pulled down to reveal two very white, very chubby, bare, soft botties for a spanking - "the swarm of bees treatment"- from mom's purple plastic hairbrush.

The best, wonderful moment is when naughty thief, Rachel Adams, stands in the traditional baring manner (facing mom) and gotten her big, yellow, girly-cotton panties pulled down to reveal her alabaster-white botty to us strict viewers already. Oh my ! Mommy is a hero. Such sensitive, fairy-soft skin gonna get a good whipping, Veronica !

Veronica, that his how (hands on head, standing) my mother always bared me and my sister back in 1960s Georgia. And that is the typical routine view I gotten of my younger sister (the moment of cool breeze on her chubby, snow-white bottom) after she had told a lie and just before she gotten bent over for a a whooping with mom's dreaded, nasty lil' cane. Never to be forgotten those harsh childhood memories. Oh my !
Fabulous trailer and film, Veronica. Very traditional CP. Very realistic and no no-nonsense.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Ray Mack said...

I just started reading your blog and I find it very interesting You are my kind of young lady My dear if I was close by and I had a Pillow to give you I would lend you one.

Anonymous said...

love this

anna_d said...

Post-spanking pillow sitting is a sadly forgotten practice. I've been meaning for a long time to do some art illustrating it.