Thursday, April 12, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Catholic School Discipline"


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Veronica. Oh my !!
Very funny....."Christian spankings" ? Oh my ! I can relate to that.

Sooooo love the first three: is that a very religious mother spanking her three daughters Veronica ? (it was like that in Georgia the 1960s !)
Or is it a real Sister disciplining the naughty Congregation or Sisterhood ?
Or, as my hubby says, is it just a bit of spanking fun and role play ha-ha ?!

As a bums man and a spanko, my hubby likes fun and a "broad church" (excuse the pun !)
He also likes fantasy and scenarios. Fine already - all swell. But I am different.
Born in the late 1950s, I gotten raised in the South in a very strict, religious household in Atlanta where corporal punishment was routine and normal. My hubby did not !
I am constantly reminded of my own experiences...and I prefer fact ! (as well as fantasy with my hubby)

Yes, Veronica, spanking and religion are entwined in the South: "don't spare the rod" and all. Moreover, spanking is part of Southern culture. I've always joked to PC moms that I gotten a balanced Southern childhood - Church, Bible Lessons and bare bottom whoopings !

When I was age 8, our strict, religious mother gotten a real "rod of correction" ( a rattan cane, "flexible switch") our elderly pious neighbors in the 1960s called it a "Biblical switch". Oh my !
This dreaded "switch" lived in the cupboard for when we gotten naughty. Mom said it was designed for our bare botties only, unfortunately. So be it. That was the punishment :-(

Photo 5 shows my lil' sister awaiting a whooping from mom in the 1960s. Panties pulled down. Exactly like this already. Well, in fact, the sofa was not like that :-)
The spanky-stick "hornets nest" was terrible ! Sure licked me into shape. I can laugh now with your post today. Very funny Veronica.
Sister is doing it for herself eh ?!
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic 1960s Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

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