Thursday, April 19, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "She's Asking For it"

Sometimes all a girl wants is to have her pants lowered for a thorough OTK hand-spanking. Sometimes without saying a word I'll pull my pants down to expose my naked bottom and lay myself prone on the bed or in this case an ottoman. He'll walk in, instruct me to pull my pants up and proceed to scold me for being so provocative. "What if I walked in with a friend" he'll yell! But of course the scolding is followed by a spanking so I got exactly what I wanted, a good old-fashioned spanking!!!  Nothing feels better than a firm, strong hand over tight fitting pants for a good warm up before baring the bottom. How I love a firm strong hand on my ass unlike a nasty hairbrush... Ouch! Below is a recent photo-set taken just a few days ago illustrating my provocative behavior, a good scolding followed by a no nonsense pants down spanking.... :)

I need to look as spankable as I possibly can..:)

I just want a good spanking so give it to me baby.

Save your boring lecture daddy and spank me already!

Finally, a bare bottom spanking..xoxo

Now I'm a happy girl. :)

Some girls want flowers and some jewelry, I just wanted a warm ass.

Now that I'm wet and horny... well you can guess the rest. XoXo :0


Anonymous said...

Yeeeei, happy thursday for us <3
Thank you so much our naughty girl.

Anonymous said...

A snow flake bottom for sure - but this girl is no snowflake !

Gonna get a switching, Veronica ! Oh my ! Oh my ! Oh my :-)

Just look at your lovely, fabby-pouty botty Veronica. Gotten whooped already. Boo-Hoo.
Soooo love the last photo. Red, sore "water melon" skin, over the footstool is evidence that justice gotten served, young lady. My Hubby loves this final pose: Yummy Scrummy Bum ;-)

I sooo love the first few "scary breeze on your botty photos". Reverse angle makes you look so naughty, provocative and spankable. Your chubby-velvet, fairy-smooth, cotton-soft, unblemished botty. All sensitive, and dazzling, cotton- white...prior to punishment. Mommy is real mad !

As I am a strict, loving older mom, you know that I am gonna fetch my patented, mommy-approved switchy-stick. My trusted, whippy, thin rattan cane (been in my cupboard for decades) designed to cause perfectly harmless but serious and salutary discomfort to the bare sensitive skin covering the chubby botties of naughty lil' princess brats !! And designed to be administered only with panties pulled down. You can ask my now-grown-up daughters Veronica !!?

It will sure made you blubber and wail and do the stingy-botty-hippy-hop dance, aka the fabled "Southern Switchy Dance" that we daughters know so well, Veronica. Oh my we sure do !

So good to see traditional Ol' Papi Tony giving you strict,loving CP. We all know you deserve it. An unbearable stinging bottom now, will stop you getting into trouble when you are a respectable grown-up, big girl Veronica. Now behave already ! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx