Thursday, April 26, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Strict Southern Mom"

When mom catches her daughter playing with herself she takes her across her maternal lap for a lesson in morality. :)


Anonymous said...

Looking at the way that mama is dressed, I think if I was her strict southern husband I'd be inclined to put her over my knee for a good, long bare-bottom session with the hairbrush.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! What a loving, strict, caring mommy after my own heart, Veronica.
I think you are next up to get your bare bottom spanked, Veronica: mommy has found your secret stash of magazines showing impressive manhoods in their excited state ! ;-)
You can run, but you can't hide, Veronica.

This mom is a darn sexy badass. With her finger pointing on the final scene, is mommy saying "Now pull up your jammies and get up to bed young lady before I whip your bare bottom good n proper with my spanky-stick right here, right now. How dare you !" ?

Veronica, the duality of being a 1950s born, strictly raised Southern girl from Georgia, brought up with stern CP in a religious household in the 1960s; and then being a strict, loving 1980s mom to my own two daughters, is ever present and intriguing on this post.
Love it. But she sure needs to tan your bare behind already, Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

The girl s mummy spanks her for rude behaviour ,best spanks from Tim to V. hello Brenda.

Anonymous said...

This mommy is so sexy Veronica !
So strict and kind. Spanking her daughter with love in the Southern fashion that I behold !
This wonderful mom is me already Veronica :-)

As a 1950s-born child she gotten her bare backside whipped with the cane ("the switch") by her own strict, Christian mother when she was naughty, growing up...her mother who is alive and kicking in her 80s.

She then was blessed with motherhood in the 1980s and used that switch to punish her own two daughters on their bare backsides ! Her happy successful girls are now in their early 30s.

And now she gets her big, bare alabaster-white botty caned by her hubby exactly as she did (by her mother) as a naughty tender-bottomed 8 year old daughter in the living room of her loving but strict-family house in the Atlanta suburbs in those bad Ol' 1960s !

And I am only 60 already Veronica (...well, not year !)
That's me in a nutshell.
You are also a very sexy naughty lil' daughter-like figure to me Veronica (you sure need your bare botty whipped like my two real-life daughters gotten in their childhoods back in the day) . And you are also a strict yummy-mummy like mentor/influencer to me too already !!

Naughty 1960s Brenda xx and Strict 1980s Mommy Brenda xx and Loving naughty noughties wifey Brenda xx