Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Veronica's Potpourri

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Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful photo of you Veronica. Lovely ! Can I put this on the cover of my memoirs ? :-)
I love your denim layers, hanging in defeat below your bare bum which is getting the traditional Special Southern skin treatment for naughty daughters from father !

As a lady approaching age 60 (Gulp !) I am very familiar with that parental-approved skin treatment for naughty bottoms Veronica. I have enjoyed and endured (Oh my !!) a life of spanking in general and corporal punishment in particular; both as a 1950s born Southern belle - I gotten raised in a strict, Christian household - and then as a strict, loving 1980s mother to my own two daughters (yes, my girls gotten CP on their bare bums in their childhoods from yours truly !)

From an early age in the early 1960s, I was acutely aware already that as a fair-skinned, sporty, outdoor girl I was in possession of the fairest-skinned, sensitive-skinned, soft chubby botty in the state of Georgia (although my lil' sister might disagree already. Ha-Ha. . Oh my !)
Unfortunately a massive disadvantage for me was that I also had the strictest mother in town who believed in "not sparing the rod" and administering "proper Christian spankings with a Biblical switch" our elderly pious neighbors used to call our punishments.

Veronica, a "Christian spanking" was given when I gotten to age 8 and it meant having my pretty canary yellow 1950s dress raised and my 1950s cotton white underwear pulled down to my knees. I had to bend over the sofa and my mother would whip me a good'un on the fairy-sensitive skin on my bare, alabaster-white botty with the so called Biblical switch( aka a thin, flexible rattan cane) She would scold me while doing so. Not sparing the rod for sure :-(

Ouchieeeees !

I screamed with pain as a lil' girl Veronica. Was my mother taking the soft skin off my poor backside ? No she was not. It was just a completely harmless (but very effective !) good traditional smacked bottom (well deserved) from a strict, loving mother and it sure did me good. Such bare-ass switching and strappings were common in the 1960s. The PC moms disagreed. But I did agree and so yes, for sure, my own two daughters gotten punished the same in the early 1990s, Veronica ! And they thank me for it still today (they are just reached early 30s already)

My very earliest and ever lasting 1960s image is of my sister's whiter-than-white, cotton-soft, chubby bare bum gotten spanked to a brighter shade of scarlet by the cane or in the early years, by the wooden spoon, over moms knee. It sounded like she was being tortured, but she was just getting her bottom spanked in the appropriate manner which was normal in our neighborhood in the 1960s. And then normal I am afraid to say for my daughters twenty years later. Botties on show for bath times and spankings, Veronica !!

Strict Mom Brenda xx