Monday, May 14, 2018

Before the internet there was...


Anonymous said...

Veronica this is Chelsea spanking in the magazine of Good Spanking . com fame ,best spanks from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Veronica - wonderful memories for both you and me already :-)
I was born late 1950s and gotten raised in the 1960s (and early 70s) and you gotten raised in the 1970s and 80s.

I spent far too much money and time in those lovely shops looking at those magazines and purchasing them already ! Both as a rebellious punky student-brat in the 1970s and then as a slightly more sensible and conservative, single working girl (in a large Corporation).

I had escaped my very strict 1960s Christian upbringing in Georgia. I had escaped my strict, loving but dominant, conservative mother and my limited personal freedoms.
I escaped those traumatic bare bottom parental whoopings (with the dreaded cane !) I escaped Bible Classes and Church and pious elderly neighbors who advocated corporal punishment for naughty daughters (aka for me and my sister !) as part of tradtiional family values, social mores, strong faith and prayer !

The schoolgirl genre is my hubby's favorite Veronica. I love it too but I prefer realistic, domestic CP, especially mother/daughter. This simply reflected my strict 1960s childhood which has obviously stayed with me. I was always mesmerized by Nu-West and Debbie and her mother, Margot. The bare botty CP was realistic and I could reflect upon my own punishments from my mom when I was a child. Fascinating to discover that Debbie and Margot were a real-life daughter/mother who re-enacted Debbie's childhood CP in those later years with Nu-West

I like the look of the cane on the desk here Veronica. My hubby has gotten a nice selection of canes for me over the years. In my childhood I gotten whipped with a very different type of cane by my mother: it was a harmless (but nasty !!) very thin, flexible switch, Like a hickory stick. Sometimes called a Biblical switch. My whuppin's were sometimes called Christian spankings which was "code" in the Church for bare bottom ! Harsh but very fair in the private home - and my own two daughters gotten the same from yours truly in the late 1980s/90s. Like mother like daughter for sure veronica !

My mother's nasty, lil' cane was kept in the downstairs cupboard and was always applied to the sensitive, bare skin on my botty (no exceptions) so if I told a lie (at age 8) or was very naughty mom would pull my panties down to my knees in the living room and whip the tender-bare, alabaster-white skin on my behind a shade of vivid scarlet with the switch. It was terrible. But that was the punishment. It was just a normal part of family life in the 1960s! And naturally, I watched my sister gotten her bare white backside whipped countless times.
A stinging bottom is harmless. And I later read and enjoyed Dolly Parton's autobiography about her strict bare bottom CP from her parents in days of yore. It's a Southern thang Veronica.

I guess we all so relished these 1970s and 80s magazines, shops and later videos which started my adult spanking life. Great post Veronica !

Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx