Sunday, May 13, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

It's Mother's day so I got to do the spanking today... :)


Anonymous said...

Go Girl ! ;-)
Nice One Veronica !
Happy Mother's Day Y'All.
Hi Tim also :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

would love if you got do my spanking and that was me over your lap for OTK spankings from beautiful Mrs Veronica may hurt but i would cherish it

By way what was the spanking for you had to do today you would make very sweet beautiful caring mother something tell me red butt be what mom would do

Colin Wright said...

Ah. Well, since it's Mothers' Day...

Anonymous said...

Mommy <3

Anonymous said...

Ouchies Miss ,best spanks for us boy brats ,Hello V. and Brenda from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Strict, loving moms know best Veronica !

I will send my hubby to you already ! He was not really spanked growing up (raised in the North West) and needs some retrospective whooping Veronica ! :-)

I was spanked all the time with my younger sister growing up in Georgia in the 1960s but I am never too old to go over your knee Veronica. If you tan my big bare white botty with a flexible Southern switch I will think I am a naughty child over my mother's knee again ! That would be nice - Yummy :-)

Maybe I should also send my two daughters to you Veronica. Ha-Ha. Their hubbies would sure support his :-) They are only just in their early 30s (and left home over ten years' ago) My job is done raising them with traditional strict love and discipline. As you know Veronica, I gotten blessed with my two girls in the mid 1980s (born close apart) and after a few years the topic of family discipline came for discussion with my husband.

My hubby and me gotten very different views reflecting our own upbringings. Suffice to say over the years, my method of discipline gotten adopted and so I did not administer time-outs to my girls, but rather whooped the soft, fairest-tender, white skin on their bare backsides when they deserved it !
Yes M'am ! I do believe God provided my daughters with such a soft, tender, sensitive-skinned, well-padded place for that very purpose - to receive "the rod of correction" from a loving, caring mother...and with protective panties not in-situ !

I used a rubber spatula on bare skin over my knee (early years)and then a flexible rattan switch (on a bare botty from age 8) ..exactly like I gotten from my mother when I was a child in the 1960s. Sure created lots of harmless tears. Naturally, my own mom (their Grandma) was always around to both support and administer CP.
My hubby also supported my strict regime for his daughters. My girls thank me today for being very firm but loving !

Veronica, your lovely Blog supports the duality of my spanking experience and beliefs - both as a 1950s-born, strictly-raised, Christian girl; and as a hard-working strict, loving mother to my girls, 1980s/90s.

I would so love to see you spank naughty lil' princess brats in the Strictmoor Academy series Veronica. You would join the super-hero mommies like Miss Elizabeth and Sarah G. Naturally I would join the older spanking moms like Tasha Lee and Miss Madame Amanda Baker.

Interesting that Tasha Lee raised her own real-life daughter Angel Lee with bare-bottom corporal punishment, and they are now a mother/daughter double act on Strictmoor Academy. Like a modern reincarnation of Nu-West's "Debbie and her Mother" (Margot).
Check out Spring Break Spankings Scene 3, Veronica. Sooooooo fabulously good. Loving Momma Tasha says very memorably,

"Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom".

They sure are. Oh my ! Seeing that I feel like a strict, loving 1980s mother again. And a 1960s naughty daughter gotten whooped back at home in Georgia ! Oh my !

Duality Brenda xx