Sunday, May 20, 2018

can't sit down Sunday :(

Spring and summer is not only a time for hiking, swimming and fishing.. but other outdoor activities as well. XoXo!


jimc said...

great expression in the 1st pic and it really looks like you enjoy being in that position. Your mood though in the other pics is a little darker. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Pygophilous1 said...

Ultra mega hot.

Kaz said...

Yeah, we are glad to see you happily getting a trashing on that cute round bottom un yours <3

Anonymous said...

Perils of a Lil' Princess Tail - Outdoor Hazards..."Bees on the Botty"

Neighbors sure know and tell, that one of the hazards for naughty lil' girls next door is the swarm of bees raging against the botty...aka, the well-padded, pudgy white hiney !
These angry bees are especially prevalent in the Southern States (like Texas and Georgia) and are known to have caused harmless but serious discomfort to daughters over decades.

These particular species of vicious bees attack chubby backsides only in their bare state (as God and Nature provided). Note - The bees will not actually sting bottoms through clothing but will rage directly and uncontrollably against sensitive bare skin...their sting is real nasty and to be avoided ! Bees on the botty is most common when a naughty lil' princess, like OFG Veronica, is across daddy's knee with her skirt and panties pulled down and her bare-skinned bottom exposed to nature, unprotected and vulnerable to this particular nasty outdoor hazard.

So in summary, as stated, mommies and daddies gotten to know that these Southern bees will rarely fail to launch a strong attack on an unclothed, bare bottom but will hold back from attacking a clothed bottom. Their sting cannot penetrate through fabric (this is known as Mommy's First Rule !)

These retributional swarms of stinging bees will search and attack tender, bare, alabaster-white bottoms, especially in the summer months. They leave a terrible, fiery-red rash on the surface of this skin - a harmless but uncomfortable fact of life for many girls, like Veronica.

Many well-know celebrities have experienced these nasty, troublesome bees on their bare botties in childhood and have even attributed their success to this salutary experience - including, Serena Williams (and sister, Venus), Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, Kristen Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith, Honor Blackman, and many more. Our naughty lil' cutey genius and gorgeous girl OFG Blogger Veronica is sure in good company already.

Strict Mommy Brenda also experienced a similar form of this hazard, albeit indoors.
During her childhood in Georgia in the 1960s, " The hornets nest" lived in the downstairs cupboard and was dropped on her bare bottom skin when her attitude needed adjusting. Her parents approved of this hazard which was usually overseen by her religious mother (who is now in her 80s). And like mother like daughter, Brenda's two daughters also grew up with this hornets nest phenomenon in the 1990s. Brenda will be 60 next year and feels particularly retro already. She is writing her memoirs and the salutary hornets nest experience features a lot !

Bees on the botty cures all Princess ills, especially lies, tantrums and potty-mouthed tirades. It sure is to be recommended for the girl next door folks !

Strict Mommy Brenda xx