Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday's Spankable

May is finally here and so is prom night. While most young ladies will dress appropriate and act lady-like with their dates a select few will cause mischief and havoc. Fathers across the country will be up all night with a cup of coffee and a hairbrush at their side. :)

Daddy's princess thinks she's all grown up!

Meeting the boys back at the hotel is not recommended. 

Enjoy you bottom now because later it'll belong to daddy.

Smile girls... later the tears will flow.

"Oh shit! It's 3 o'clock in the morning!!!"

Tina is a tough girl with attitude!!!

Showing her date what she'll do to him after prom is never a good thing, for her of course. :)

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fathers waiting with hairbrush...mothers waiting up too, Veronica. And getting very cross already !

Oh my ! I can remember my prom nights Veronica (a million years ago) but my daughters proms are more clear, naturally. Good times ! :-)

Tough girls like Tina ? (third photo from bottom)
Mommies know Tough Girls gotten plenty of fairy-tender skin on their soft botties Veronica. Just like you and me gotten. A vulnerable target for that hairbrush already !

I had plenty of attitude back in the day (I still have), so did my daughters. God provided us with a special sensitive place to take care of that attitude, Veronica ! I remember a conversation I had to have with my mother (Gulp !) about that special place when I was a naughty lil' girl in the early 1960s. My daughters remember the same conversation they had with me in the 1980s ! That conversation only happens once and is called a first warning, Veronica. You will remember it too ? !

Tough girl Tina (third photo from last) remembers that conversation too with her mommy, Veronica, when she was a lil' missy in Austin. Tina was throwing a tantrum and had bad attitude. Plus lies already from this naughty princess.

Her mommy explained that she would be punished if she continued misbehaving. Her mom explained that God had provided Tina with a special place (normally covered and hidden) where mommies could administer strict, loving, kind discipline in a harmless but very effective manner. Some extreme temporary discomfort (lovingly administered) would make way for lessons learned and guidance accepted. For punishment, this special place would no longer be covered or hidden (by fabrics). But would be placed over mommy's knee in its bare, sensitive state !

Mommy said to Tina that God had provided us daughters with a round, well-padded area (our chubby bottoms) amply covered in the most-fairest-of-extra-sensitive-skin which provided an appropriately vulnerable, fairy-tender surface (aka a target, in its bare unprotected tender state) to receive the "rod of correction" from her father or mother. The "rods" being a leather strap and a good ol' traditional, whippy hickory stick (switch) from momma and papi, respectively. This common process was known as a spanking.

And so over the years Tina learned many a harsh but fair domestic lesson on her bare, white botty and the "rod of correction" sure licked her into shape. She is a soundly successful, happy, well-mannered, respectful and considerate Southern belle on prom night. She still thanks her mom for that first conversation many years ago !

Tina sure learned the meaning of strict, loving, traditional domestic CP phrases (popular in religious Southern households) like:

"It was not your panties that misbehaved, young lady"
"Yes, on your bare bottom. Is there any other way ?"
"Spare the rod spoil the child"
"Don't spare the bare mom !"
"I'll skelp the skin of your botty when I get you home Tina"
"I'm gonna tan your hide, my girl"
And three of my favorites from my own childhood`in Atlanta Veronica. Gulp ! :-(
"Your backside needs a switching"...Brenda's mother, Georgia 1960s
And "there's no need to spank through your underwear Brenda" , Brenda's mother 1960s.
And "bottoms gotten bare for bath times ...and spankings" Brenda's mother 1960s.

Strict Mommy Brenda xx