Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Naughty wife needs a sound spanking.

In trouble at school again....

"My bottom is ready to be painted... RED!"

As father removes his belt, Belinda closes her eyes and prepares herself for a thrashing.

"I'm Amy and I'm a naughty schoolgirl..:)"

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tiger Moms are good moms - photo 1 !
Tiger Moms know best.

Veronica, this fairest-bottomed lil' cutey missy (number one) was strictly raised to feel the smack of the rattan cane across her bare bottom from her Tiger Mother, when she gotten naughty in her childhood. CP was stern and PC was non-existent.

This girl grew up to be a happy, successful, hard-working, loving wife with good family values - no lies, no stealing, no tantrums, no potty-mouthed tirades, no smoking, no selfish, high-maintenance behavior and no narcissistic lil' princess-brat antics.

She knows she is never too old for a spanking - out comes the cane and down come the panties. Just like over her mother's knee on the spanking chair back in the day.

My sister and me gotten raised exactly the same. We gotten our bare white botties whooped with our Tiger Mother's rattan spanky-stick. Throw in some Bible Classes, Church and Cheerleading for a traditional Southern style. They were not called Tiger Mothers in Georgia in the 1960s ha-ha. Spot the difference already ? and my sister gotten Oh my !? lies, no stealing, no tantrums, no potty-mouthed tirades, no smoking, no selfish, high maintenance....
Oh my ! There seems to be a pattern here already Veronica ?
We Thank the Lord for soundly smacked, bare red bottoms in the privacy of our own homes...and sometimes in public :-)
CP good. PC bad ! :-)
Strict Tiger Mother Brenda xx (to my two 1980s-born strictly, traditionally raised daughters already !)