Monday, May 28, 2018

Girls having some fun... :)

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Anonymous said...

Does the glove reduce the sting Veronica ? :-)
I say that as a spanking purist Veronica. A spanking purist born in the late 1950s, who gotten raised in a strict, traditional Christian household in Georgia. And also as a 1980s mother who was God blessed with two wonderful daughters who I raised in a very strict, loving fashion.

Necessity is the mother of invention ?

The duality of corporal punishment in my own life (I am very late 50s) always intrigues me on your blog Veronica. As a daughter receiving CP in the 1960s. And as a mother administering CP (to my daughters only) in the 1980s and belief was unsurprisingly always based on traditional experience of the "rod" : maximum sting and maximum safety and maximum humbling...aka on the completely bare botty !! Yes, necessity is the mother of invention. Who needs time outs Veronica ?

The duality of mother /daughter reminds me of the same conversation my sister and me gotten to have when I was a child with my mother (early 1960s) and that I gotten to have with my two lil' daughters in the late 1980s. The conversation that does not refer to time-outs !

The conversation Veronica that states how we tender lil' princesses gotten blessed by God with a chubby, well-padded place (aka the botty) where loving discipline can be effectively administered by kind moms (who gotten cross !) in a safe manner.

This special well-padded place is amply covered in fairy-soft sensitive skin, which is ideal for firm spanking (to sting !) and so the rod of correction should always be applied directly onto this sensitive, vulnerable skin for the message to get through in a stinging but safe fashion. Firm but fair !
And naturally, as a young, Christian-raised girl I forever discovered that the "rod" aka a rattan switch or "cane" was always applied throughout my childhood to the bare skin (on my botty) and not over my clothed, protected rear-end. Quite right too !
Wow ! I sure feared spankings Veronica. That is the idea.

So for my own daughters, this meant me fetching my special spanky-stick from the cupboard ( an identical very flexible, lil' rattan cane) and yes for sure Veronica, pulling down panties and whooping that same uber-sensitive skin on their backsides in a loving but strict, mommy-approved manner. For sure the cries were very loud as the skin reddened, but hugs and explanations when the panties and pants gotten pulled back up emphasized the due care and love of this mommy-delivered sentence and punishment.

My daughters have grown-up and their tender botties have recovered Veronica. They are just early 30s (now big responsible happy successful girls) and they thank me for my strict, loving maternal ways. It is now for their hubbies to spank them now Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx