Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More "GREAT" art...

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Anonymous said...

Damsel in Distress Veronica ?! :-)

The bloomers misbehaved outdoors...but not indoors when she gotten a good, bare-ass strapping back at home !
Nice plumply swelling bottom encased in white cotton. Good to see the petticoats and skirts are not providing extra-padding, Veronica. Oh my !

Fascinating to me always, that outdoor spankings in public were very common when I was growing up in Georgia in the early 1960s. Whuppin's took place in malls, parks, parking lots...everywhere. I did not personally get spanked in public - my mother was against it. Sadly, my mother was not against spanking in private. Oh my !

But I saw my lil' girlfriend peers who threw tantrums or potty-mouthed tirades and who gotten their alabaster-white botties bared and reddened with a hard, maternal hand or hairbrush (kept in mommy's purse)....1950s canary yellow dresses gotten hoisted and 1950s white cotton panties gotten pulled down to knees to expose the sensitive=skinned target for just desserts. For the mommy-approved hornets full view of the other moms and Church group girls ! Oh my ! It was zero PC and one hundred per cent CP back then Veronica.

We lil' curious princesses sure wanted to watch and hear those soft, white botties get punished ! Our poor princess friends. Boo-Hoo. It was scary but also exciting to see. We were relieved that we were not the ones who gotten whooped. But our own "red bottomed" times would sure arrive already throughout the 1960s (bare botty canings at home, sadly !!). Sound CP and spankings were unavoidable for us all in my childhood !
Nostalgic Strict Mommy Brenda xx