Monday, May 21, 2018

More rubbing my ass moments :(


Anonymous said...

21 May 1968 - aka The Good Ol' Days - A Snowflake white ass gotten reddened with the hornets nest.

The Naughty Lil' Gil Next Door gotten her bottom whooped !

Wonderful Veronica. Simply wonderful. Nice pale soft botty, girl ! :-)
Love the skirt too.
You are caught in action already, doing the Special Southern switchy-spanky-dance on the wooden decking.

Veronica, this is crucial evidence (albeit from 1968 ha-ha) to show the neighbors that you gotten your botty whooped a good'un.

First, they heard the resounding smacks on sensitive, bare-white bottom-skin. And a naughty, lil' tender-bottomed princess screaming over daddy's knee. And now they see the results of your red, sore hiney.

They are re-assured that Papi Tony is on the case and will not tolerate your bratty attitude and poor behavior, young lady.
Justice gotten delivered on the tender, bare, white surface divinely provided for correction !
A truly fabulous photo Veronica. One of the best...not a statement I take lightly on your superb, unique Blog.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

You've been getting lots of sun in those buns in recent posts... :)


Anonymous said...

Soooooo love this photo Veronica. Just look at your lovely soft, fairy-white botty !! :-)

"Nooooooo mommeeeee purleeeezzzzze. Not the switch. Noooooo Not on my bare botteeeeeeeee"

Your backside needs a switching Veronica. Just stay there while I have me fetch my trademark, patented, mommy-approved lil' rattan cane aka the flexible Southern switch. This has lived in my cupboard for decades (as my two daughters can verify) and was especially designed to cause serious (but harmless) discomfort to the sensitive, God-blessed, fairy-soft skin covering the chubby, duly-bared bottoms of naughty lil' daughters when they make their mom real cross already - as my girls can also ruefully verify Veronica ! (They are now grown up and left-home in their 30s)
Mommy's lil' helper it sure was and naturally I too gotten terribly familiar with its sting (!!) in my own childhood !

Yes, Boo-Hoo your lily-white backside sure is suitably clothed for my patented, tickle-tail switching Veronica :-) I'm gonna skelp the skin off your botty, my girl. It's the only way. That is how I gotten it from my mom growing up in Ol' Georgia Town (over fifty years' ago). Oh my !

The hornets nest is real nasty Veronica, but also loving and harmless as well as a salutary lesson for naughty princesses!
Sure licked me into shape back in the ever and a day.
Now bend over that chair. And don't mind the neighbors already :-)
Thwip-Thwip-Thwip-Thwip :-(
Then hugs and your panties and skirt pulled back up.
The Brat Whisperer - Strict Mommy Brenda xx