Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Old-fashioned Spanking...


Anonymous said...

Miss spanks her naughty charge ,bloomers are undone and bare botties are spanked. ,best spanks from Tim to V. and Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Red top, red bottom. Matching twin-set already Veronica.
Like mother, like daughter eh ?
They both know the hairbrush is designed for both ends (my daughters know that too !)

Good to see that special, well-padded place, covered in suitably-soft, sensitive, fair skin (God provided and God blessed) gotten relieved of those thick layers of fabric !

Veronica, one of my mother's many cute but scary Ol' fashioned phrases from the early 1960s (which tormented and intrigued me in equal measure) was "no need to spank through protective coverings"..."no need to spank through your underwear Brenda".

She would say such CP things liberally to other moms in our Church community. There was total agreement and mommy-approved nods, if not rapturous applause. And it was all the more poignant and scary because mom used a cane on the bare, not her hand ! Oh my poor botty. That was the punishment. Period.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx