Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

A Mother's day special... 

... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

The naughty daughter s son s Mummies spank for naughtiness ,best spanks Veronica and hello Brenda and son s should say .From Tim x

Anonymous said...

Strict, loving mommies show they care - spanking their lil' princess brats on the bare !

Oh my ! Cartoons 1 & 2 are soooo cute, Veronica. Those kind Ol' fashioned mommies administering that special time-honored Tender Loving Care and guidance designed for that ever-so-soft, extra-sensitive skin covering their fairest daughters botties ! I so approve already. Boo-Hoo.
Oh my ! Those poor lil' terror-brats and their poor smacked botties. As a mom, I do feel real sorry for them Veronica ! :-)
Can we not have time-outs ?

Love that cutey, lil' Southern-belle pinky-polka dress (cartoon one) adjusted North. Mommy holding it firmly in place, already. And her snuggy, white cotton underwear tugged down off the seat-of-learning, due South, for mommy's sentence to be carried out in an effective, well-deserved manner on an unprotected very tender situpon. It's the only way. Sure takes me back Veronica. Hornets nests gotten dropped on bare botties. Period !

Love that vintage black n white drawing. "Mommy's best friend" (aka the hairbrush) being firmly applied to her daughter's bottom. I think that is my mother receiving it as a lil' girl from her own mother in the 1930s ! And there's lil' Ol' me thinking my own 1960s childhood was vintage already. Oh my !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx