Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - Strict fathers know best Veronica. Oh my. Too close to home this one. Love it !

Sore-botty-Red-ass at 3am as Papa drops the hornets nest on that God-blessed, fairy-sensitive skin covering a naughty daughter's well-padded "seat of learning" ! No half-measures needed. Jammies gotten pulled down to expose vulnerable bare skin for the dreaded, rattan botty-smacker ! I know how she feels Veronica.
And I certainly do approve. Especially from my own salutary personal experience from days of yore !

"Your backside needs a switching Brenda". Yes, as you know Veronica, this is exactly the CP I gotten myself in my childhood: a flexible rattan switch across my bare backside. The "rod" was not spared in our strict 1960s, religious household :-(

Sure licked me into shape over the years. So feeling nostalgic but rueful, I would not break my hubby's 1am curfew right now already. Ha-Ha ! :-)
The unforgettable smack of our mother's whippy cane ("the hornets nest" as we tearfully named it) across our fairest, chubby, bare bottoms sure stings true for my younger sister and me when we were growing up in Ol' fashioned Georgia (and now we are in our late fifties).

And it also sure looks like that last naughty lil' princess-brat (LouLouvz cartoon) also gotten the same whuppin' from her Papa with that same whippy spanky-stick already !

Have a good weekend Veronica.
Hugs and Big Bad Smackabotties :-)
Hi Tim also :-)
Strict Nostalgic Mommy Brenda xx