Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Someone has been a very naughty girl...

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Anonymous said...

Gonna get a switching !

Cool air on your botty Veronica ? It sure is a punishment in its own right Veronica. And now you hear mommy's footsteps on the stairs. Familiar but scary too !
Mommy is carrying the flexible, rattan, spanky-stick ("the rod of correction") designed for punishment on the tender, bare, fairest-skinned botties of naughty lil-princess-brats who disobey their mommies, Veronica. That is the normal CP tradition that I grew up with in the 1960s. I'm gonna tan your hide missy !

Are your windows and doors open already, Veronica ? The neighbors are gonna hear you get a switching. Boo-Hoo :-) Get used to it young lady !

Again for sister and me (growing up in quiet, conservative Georgia suburbs 1960s) our pious elderly neighbors could hear that flexible switch whipping the bare skin off our alabaster-white backsides and our loud bratty screams of discomfort ! The punishment was sure harsh but also harmless. But Oh my, we made a fuss as the hornets nest landed on our vulnerable, tender bare bottoms. Ol' fashioned neighbors always approve of daughters who gotten soundly spanked Veronica.
They would chat with our mom about "not sparing the rod" and corporal punishment.

Veronica, check out Momma Spankings "Mackenzie's Tearful Lesson". Oh my ! Miss Elizabeth is a realistic, wonderful, traditional, caring mommy smacking her naughty daughter's bare botty with the hairbrush. Panties down is the sentence from mom for misbehavior !

Mackenzie has been a very naughty lil' girl and her big, round, wibble-wobble bum is a very soft and well-deserved target for domestic CP Veronica. Again takes me back to childhood, seeing Miss Elizabeth as such a convincing, traditional, strict "smackabotties" mom ! Message gotten through already.

Mommy's now arrived upstairs Veronica, you're gonna get your bare bottom caned my girl !
Yes, you may leave your panties right where they are. They did not misbehave :-)
(Love your pretty ankle bracelets too !)

Strict Mommy Brenda xx