Thursday, May 3, 2018

Super Thursday Present's" Marriage 101"

Who needs divorce court and marriage counseling when we have SPANKING!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it grounds for divorce if we naughty missies do not get spanked ?

Oh my ! Just look at your fairy-smooth botty Veronica. Divinely designed to receive the smack of the fabled hairbrush in its fairest-bare state.
I can hear it and feel it, young lady.
Love your ankle bracelets :-)
Love your earrings !

Veronica, checkout Tears Before Bedtime. Lovely, strict, tradtional mommy Miss Elizabeth spanks her naughty lil' daughter Nuna Starks with Ol' fashioned love, care and guidance. Hairbrush to bare botty is the only sentence possible here. Very retro. Very realistic. Lots of early memories of Ol' Georgia Town for me...and stingy bare bums still in the frame !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Colin Wright said...

Don't let those shoes fly off!

Anonymous said...

Nice one <3
Redder, redder!

Nick C. said...

That is a wonderful way to settle a marriage dispute lol
However, this could go both ways as you getting a spanking for something you did wrong and also your husband takes a trip over your lovely lap if he ever did something wrong. That way, both of you are the "boss" Haha