Thursday, May 31, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "No Goofing Around Inside Mother's Workshop"


Anonymous said...

Ouchies her Mummy is strict ,best spanks V. and Brenda from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Zekel is one of the best artist of AOTK <3, every booty and angle he draws looks cute and sexy at the same time xD

Anonymous said...

Your Dungarees did not misbehave Veronica, young lady !!

Oh my Veronica ! Oh my ! Is this the best art scene ever ?!
I've said that before :-) But this time it is different ha-ha :-)
And it's another one for my auto-biography "memoirs" for sure !

Mommy is real mad and administers the traditional skincare treatment to her naughty daughter, called Veronica in Texas :-) !
This typically Southern, special, mommy-approved Skincare treatment is designed for soft, sensitive and totally bare botties Veronica ! And administered over the knee already !
She is such a lovely, kind, strict, loving mother after my own heart.

Oh my ! This is sensational from Zekel. And sure captures the CP spirit and contexts of my own life as a 1950s born daughter (approaching 60) and also a 1980s mother, raising my own two daughters !

Scene 1: Love mommy's grab of the dungarees strap. She sure is cross at the goofing !
Fab details on all the scenes here. Some tickle-tail seems likely ?

Scene 2: Mom is deliberate and purposeful !!!
Oh my ! Oh my ! I soooooo love that cute but very mean and calculating quick move by mother to unfasten the two poppers on those naughty denim dungarees. Oh Noooo !
Such a very quick clever trick for the "baring". Mommy is a real meany Veronica !
I love that popper-unfastening sketch to bits Veronica. It's the lil' details on corporal punishment we like eh ?

Princess is dazed and startled. Mom is so deliberate and cunning. She is thinking about the end-game - about nasty, tender-bare- white, (rapidly turning red) poor stingy botties over her knee already ! It's so stern and traumatic but cute. Mom is thinking ahead about applying the deserved skincare treatment (hornets nest) and TLC in an effective fashion.

I love the way the dungarees are allowed to fall back down (scary !!) to the daughters knees to expose her pretty cotton panties. The lil-princess-brat looks real worried. Mommy is now calm and purposefully places her daughter over her knee. Mommy looks so strong and powerful. She wears lovely boots and apparel Veronica. Mommy is boss and in control. She will spank hard with love. kindness and guidance.

Will the cutey-cotton-pastel-blue panties remain in-situ ? Maybe. There sure is at least a one in a billion chance Veronica ha-ha :-)

Scene 3: Fan-belt to the bare fanny !

Panties gotten pulled down. Nooooo ! Boo-Hoo.
Mommy takes no wishy-washy half measures. So right already !!
She's gonna whoop sensitive bare botty skin with that nasty rubber strap. That will teach the lil' one a good lesson.
Oh no ! Panties gotten pulled down. Pale, sensitive botty skin now gotten itself in real bad trouble already !

Oucheeeeees, naughty lil' Veronica sure feels it, aka the hornets nest on the bare. Boo-Hoo ! (fab pained expression )
Love the conservative context of the pretty, cutey-blue, cotton hair scarf in-situ, and the matching blue, cotton panties not in-situ !...around her knees. No protective coverings needed for naught daughters bottoms that gotten spanked ( a Mother's First Rule of Domestic Law, Veronica !)

Oucheeees - poor lil' blubbing Veronica's alabaster-white botty looks so sore already. Justice is being metered-out on the God-blessed, well-padded, fairest-chubby-tender-skinned place provided by God for safe, loving domestic "correction" by exasperated, caring moms !
Soooooo fabulous this cartoon, Veronica. I sure gotten raised in Georgia as a lil' girl just like this !
How wonderful and awesome :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx