Thursday, May 17, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Schoolgirl Spectacular"

As the school year comes to an end I put together 2 photo-sets containing schoolgirl spankings from yours truly. I currently own around 7 schoolgirl uniforms and love wearing them. Teacher/student is our favorite role-play... :) Part 2 will be in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I totaly love it <3, to see you wearing such lovely uniforms and getting your cute bum roasted by your teachers is so precious.
As a sugerence, do you like japanese sailor style uniforms?, they whould suit your naughtyness very good <3

Anonymous said...

So tell us if you actually got a spanking at school or is it role play.

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous Veronica - I so love this sequence, especially the bare bottom scenes. And as a mother (now in my late fifties) who gotten blessed with my two lil' daughters in the mid is a view and a scene witch I am very familiar with !

My girls gotten raised like I gotten raised (myself in the 1960s) with firm Ol' fashioned discipline and attentive, loving family values, typical of the South. Additionally, my own mother (now in her 80s) was always around to "lend a loving hand" (and a wooden spoon) to my daughters when I was working in a large corporate and needed child care.

I was brought up to understand that we Southern belles were blessed by God with chubby, fairy-soft bottoms, amply covered in extra-tender skin (with a mass of very sensitive and very handy receptors in the skin !!) which provide a very accessible and readily exposed, vulnerable surface area (underwear lowered, dresses raised) upon which mommy's sentence of punishment can be effectively and lovingly administered with a rubber spatula or cane...or wooden spoon, or belt, hickory switch, hairbrush or whatever ! Sure is the seat of learning Veronica.

Being born in the late 1950s, I am old enough (and lucky enough !) not to be troubled with any PC regarding a debate about bare bottom whoopings v time-outs. Although some of the PC moms were not happy with my philosophy and practice Veronica !
I am re-assured that you are raised the same way, young lady ! :-)

Just some detail, my hubby and me love to see you get spanked over panties in the sequence Veronica. When my sister and me gotten caned by mom back in the day, our 1950s white cotton underwear gotten pulled down right at the start. This was the baring process and we had our hands on our heads. The real shock and terrible sting of the rattan switch on sensitive bare skin from the get-go was a crucial part of the punishment (as my own daughters will also verify !!) and we called this the "hornets nest" effect which sure justified and necessitated the panties-down experience. The message gotten through on a bare botty, Veronica :-(

Strict CP Mommy Brenda xx