Thursday, May 24, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: Spanked Then Fucked... Hard!"

First comes the spanking and then comes the fucking.... XoXo. :)


Anonymous said...

THAT! IS! SO! HOT! ... SO! HOT! ... AND YOU! ARE! SO! HOT! ... SO! HOT!



Anonymous said...

Very gorgeous and sexy Veronica. One for my hubby ! Oh my ;-)

My hubby especially enjoys a "broad church" on spanking and is a total bums man. Yes, Veronica, please be re-assured that your fantasy holds true for my hubby.
Your lush ass-crack in the mirror turns his pale, flaccid, wrinkle-crinkle into a bulging lump of manhood as smooth and firm as your thighs and as red and shiny as your dress !
What a nice transformation - thank you Veronica ! :-)

Back to spanking. I take a different view, CP oriented as you know.
To me you are a creative artistic genius who has designed the unique spanking Blog.

You are also the naughty lil' daughter next door who needs her bare bottom regularly spanked by her Papi. You remind me of those terrible lil' neighborly princess-brats of recent years - Samantha Woodley and Lily Ana - who need stern scolding and need their tender, bare, alabaster-white botties (great tan lines and soft-skinned hinies, both) soundly whipped by their mommies !
My trusty switchy-spanky-stick is in the cupboard for you Veronica.

For a sexy spanking Veronica, check out recent Cheerleader "Clueless Cheerleader" .
Strict Sarah G is having fun reddening Amelia's lily-white, fairy-soft botty-botts (what a target !)and Amelia Rutherford's funny acting deserves a prize...along with her ass, naturally !

Naughty Wifey Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

English spankee girl Amelia ,best spanks from Tim to V and B. x