Thursday, May 10, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Teen Brat"


Anonymous said...


Just when she thought she was safe...
Here comes Super-hero mommy, the Brat Whisperer, Veronica !

Oh my ! Does it get an better than this ? This is now the front cover of my memoirs Veronica - I know I keep sayin' that already :-)

Yes, I sure can relate to this both as a 1950s daughter and a 1980s mother (God blessed with my own two girls)
Princess-bratty jeans and panties gotten pulled down in one big, effortless tug to expose her fairest-skinned "seat of learning" for mommy-approved TLC.
How cool is that ?! Good technique mom already.

This terrible, troublesome lil' brat sure gotten to feel the hornets nest a good'un on her bare botty, Veronica: arms out straight and stiff. Awe...poor lil' thing :-)

So love all the expressions, art work and cute story here.
Love the tantrums, rage and mommy's eye-rolling ha-ha !
Job gotten done Veronica. I would like to see you in this strict mommy role young lady....Veronica gets a senior position in Strictmoor Academy 3 :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Mummy spanks her daughter if she is bratty ,best spanks Tim x