Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Veronica's Potpourri...

How fantastic it would be to see more spankings in magazine ads... :)


Colin Wright said...

So funny I tried to get my wife to look at it.

Now she's threatening to report me to Hillary Clinton. Thanks a lot.

Mike Haughian said...

I would like to see these commercials ! Never going to happen.

OldFashionGirl said...

@Colin: LOL! Xo
@Mike: Well at least you’ll see them on this blog. Xo

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Veronica's brand new Spanking Agency !
Adverts with impact - it's got legs girl ;-)

It's a wonderful idea Veronica. And with your creative genius it could work well ?!
Oh my ! How lush and lovely. Love your smoothy, soft, leather booties of course...and your smoothy, soft booty !!

In this long standing era of PC, I am reminded of my own childhood (1960s Atlanta) when spankings were embedded in culture, media...and advertising. A good, bare bottom spanking at home from mom or dad (or usually, both !) was an unavoidable fact of life for naughty daughters growing up in the South and (with no PC whatsoever) it was an advocated and important part of family life and social mores of the wider community, Church-groups and media context. That was life ! :-)

My lil' sister and I were fascinated from the early 1960s with the older Disney and Looney Tunes animations (made in 1930s and 1940s) where spankings - and especially bare bottom spankings - were clearly shown in the cartoon...often at the end. "All Ends Well", Just desserts and That's all folks ha-ha. Oh my :-)
Your Blog contains many of these old, vintage, 1940s animations, Veronica :-)

In the 1960s, we often watched these cartoons with mom n dad...embarrassing. And scary already. Oh my ! But just a realistic fact of life (wonderful in retrospect Veronica) because they naturally tanned our naughty bare princess botties a good'un when we deserved it at home.

In my childhood, I so loved that iconic, 1950s Coppertone advert, Veronica. I was Little Miss Coppertone: I had the whitest, softest, chubbiest botty in Georgia and the best tan lines already !
I loved the little cheeky doggy pulling down Lil' Missy's swimming costume.

I really connected with the humor and 1950s lifestyle as a child (in the sunny South !) but I also understood the cute, conservative context of Ol' fashioned family values and authoritative, religious regimes at home where corporal punishment was routine. Yes, I had the whitest, softest botty in Georgia, but I also had the strictest, no-nonsense mommy in Georgia who kept a dreaded, flexible switch in the cupboard. It made for big bad whuppin's over the years for we two lil' princesses in our Church community and strict Atlanta suburbs.

Funny, we were always enjoying the outdoors, and our mother always protected our fair, sensitive skin with sun scream and rules for not staying out in the direct Georgia sun too long. Mom was sensible and kind and well ahead of things regarding sun burn and skin cancer etc.

Sadly, that God blessed extra-sensitive, fairest skin covering our chubby, botties (whilst seeing no sun !) did not enjoy any protection from the burning heat of the switchy-stick...we always gotten it on a bare backside with our panties pulled down in the living room ! :-(
Little Miss Coppertone gotten whooped ! But a whooping was harmless and necessary. Sun burn was not.

Yes Veronica, sure would love to see spanking in adverts on this Blog. Thank you !
It's a CP life not a PC life !
Strict Mommy Nostalgic Lil' Brenda xx