Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A very public spanking...


Anonymous said...

Spare the rod spoil the Brat !

Is this the new City of Austin law enforcement and punishment protocol for intolerable lil' princess-brats who throw potty-mouthed tantrums in the mall , Veronica ?
Oh my ! I do so approve already ! :-)

You need to watch your step young lady, ha-ha !
How wonderful. I would vote for that. Is she saying, "and your mom should have done this already, many moons ago missy. Just like my mother did to me." Smack. Smack. Smack !

Actually Veronica, outdoor spankings (with some innocent bystanders) were not unlike this when I was growing up in Atlanta in the early 1960s. Not a hint of PC for sure. Naturally, the strict moms retrieved hairbrushes form their purses for their daughters duly bared bums ...not that scary cane of a bottom-smacker !

But Oh my ! I do soooo love that cute, stingy, lil' spanky stick Veronica. I might deliberately misbehave in the crowd just to receive it :-)

Boo-Hoo. I sure felt that switchy-stick across my bare backside throughout my childhood :-( Although me and my sister always gotten it from mom in the privacy of the living room (Oucheees) and never in public. Her trusty lil' flexible, rattan cane was much thinner and whippier already: the fabled Southern switch aka the "hornets nest" for naughty daughters sensitive, unclothed botties !

Veronica, check out poor lil' Sarah G on mommaspankings.com today, as she gotten her bare botty whooped by her mommy (Jane Fonda). I love the hands on head/panties down baring technique. That is just how I gotten prepared for a switching from my mother back in the days of yore.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Brenda young Sarah is spanked by Clare Fonda not Jane ,I'm sure you meant Clare ,best spanks to V. and yourself from Tim.

Anonymous said...

My bad Tim :-)
Good spot already !
Yes, lovely strict mommy, Clare Fonda.
I am still thinking about the lovely Jane Fonda from all those aerobics videos in the gym from the early 1980s. Oh my !
My friends and me...Our botties gotten snuggy in those green and pink lycra leggings Tim :-)
Good times ! I was a single girl working in a big corporation.
I still go to the gym almost every day now already !
Keep my big alabaster-white bum in shape !
Hugs and spanks.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx