Monday, June 4, 2018

Before the internet there was...

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Anonymous said...

"Yes Veronica gets a good, smacked bottom back at home when she is naughty in the mall. I pull her panties down. On the bare is the only way"...

Veronica, you gotten raised in the good Ol' days of the smacked bottom. Those strict Ol' 1970s. when corporal punishment was applied to naughty daughters' bare botties (in the privacy of the family home) as a matter of routine; and time outs and naughty steps had not yet been invented.

And my sister and I gotten raised earlier in our conservative Atlanta suburb in the early 1960s. The world was black n white and bottoms gotten very red. Our strict, religious mother would pull our 1950s cotton white underwear down, and smack the bare-white skin on our botties with a cane when we gotten real bad. That was the only punishment offered Veronica !!!
The "rod" or "switch" was kept handy in the downstairs cupboard (for mommy's salutary sentencing) and Oh my ! stung to high Heaven on our bare, sensitive, young seats !!

I went to College in the 1970s and discovered boys :-)
I escaped the strict, religious, restricted freedoms of my childhood. Of Church and Bible Classes. I escaped those bare-ass whoopings from my mother, growing up.

I discovered girls who did not get spanked. And I met girls who gotten spanked by their parents over clothes and not on their bare bottoms ! Not many girls like that in my childhood peer group. Veronica. And sister and me only ever gotten spanked with the "rod" on our bare bums. Lessons gotten learned that way for sure :-(

And of course...I discovered those wonderful shops that sold spanking magazines (1970s) with photos like those shown here, Veronica :-)
Oh the memories. It brought back experiences of corporal punishment from mom growing up as lil' girls :-(
And still does to this very day Veronica.
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx