Monday, June 18, 2018

Before the internet there was...

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Anonymous said...

No tender-fair botties gotten harmed in the raising of these daughters, Veronica !

Oh my ! Those lovely, strict, kind, Ol' fashioned mothers are administering the special, traditional skincare treatment on the tender place divinely provided for mommy-approved guidance !

Go mommy (first photo). What a hard-working super-hero, albeit exasperated, she sure is Veronica. She is real mad. Panties pulled down and a good, hard Smackabotties on exposed sensitive skin gotten done right here right now. Yes, I empathize already and was also a 1980s mother myself raising two daughters Veronica !

As a 1950s-born Georgia-belle, raised in a strict, Christian home where "spare the rod spoil the child" was the only game in town, I sooooo craved pictures like these when I eventually left home (escaped !!) as a student in the 1970s (more time for browsing magazines) and then as a working girl in a big corporation....more money for buying magazines ha-ha !! :-)
Oh my ! What formative memories of the golden days are recollected here.

I was absolutely stunned to see these pictures originally in the 1970s/80s and I craved realistic mother/daughter domestic, corporal punishment scenes that reflected my childhood. These naughty lil' madams could be me and my sister across mom's knee with our botties completely bare ! There was only one punishment in our house.

These scenes are so compelling Veronica. And they also remind me of seeing our girlfriends in our Church group who gotten spanked like this at home (in front of me) as a matter of normal routine in the 1960s.

I love the black n white photos. Mommy is so kind and caring, but has to do her salutary stern duty (upon unprotected, fairy-soft, alabaster-white skin) when her daughter has badly misbehaved. So realistic. Takes me back many decades to domestic punishment aka the big, bad botty sting for recalcitrant lil' princesses. Oh my !

My religious God-fearing mother kept an actual "rod of correction" aka the switch in he cupboard for my bare bum in the 1960s. Who needs naughty steps or time-outs eh Veronica ? :-(
Bare red bottoms were a normal part of growing up and family life. And captured so authentically by these lovely retro-magazine-stills !
Thank you Veronica. Huggies and spankies xx
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic 1950s Brenda xx