Sunday, June 17, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday.. :(

Happy Father's Day.... and may all you daddies out there wake up this morning and take your big girl across your lap for a spanking good day.. XoXo.


Anonymous said...

Any holiday is a good enough reason...

Your butt gets more exposure and (well-derserved) attention than a billboard on a busy highway. ; )


Anonymous said...

Daughter gotten her bottom spanked !

Good to see the slipper already as the "rod of correction" for a naughty daughter, Veronica.
Will sure blister your unprotected botty good n proper. Your cutey lil' cozy, cotton-white ankle-socks sure give you the naughty lil' daughter over father's knee look already !

As you know, my hubby loves a broad-church on spanking, whereas I do prefer the domestic corporal punishment and mother/daughter scenarios. This simply reflects my own childhood experience. It also reflects more recently my role as a mother raising my own two daughters, Veronica (in a strict, firm but loving, traditional fashion !)

I so love your Blog Veronica and I also love Sarah Gregory's unique, awesome approach to domestic spanking (Momma Spankings, Strictmoor Academy etc) which creates realistic mother/daughter scenes and narratives - very true to my own 1960s childhood.

My hubby likes fantasy and fiction. I like facts, realistic scenarios and real-life memories. And I so love to talk with my fellow girlfriend peers in our 60s, 50s and 40s about our childhood spanking experiences. I will be 60 myself next year.

I like to exactly replicate the whopings I gotten as a child, Veronica. This harsh medicine for me and my younger sister usually took place in the living room in the 1960s and early 70s. We did not get spanked in pulic or in front of friends. Mom's corporal punishment was administered in accordance with her strict Christian beliefs and family values of "spare the rod spoil the child". This stern approach was advocated by the Church and by most parents in our Church community.

As a child, in my tender princess brat years (from age 8) mother would go fetch the "rod" aka the cane, from the downstairs cupboard; and meet me in the living room. It was formal and scary. The rattan cane was a traditional thin flexible Southern switch , or Biblical switch as it was called. Like a hickory stick already. And Oh my ! It was sure designed to cause extreme discomfort on my poor bare botty, Veronica !! That was the idea, naturally.

With my hands on my head, mother would scold me (referring to God and The Bible already)
as she first pulled down my shorts to my knees (never off) and then pulled down my large, 1950s, white, cotton under-panties down to meet my shorts at my knees. Panties were never removed. I wore very conservative clothes, Veronica, being a good lil' Christian girl and all ! Alternatively my mommy would slip her hands under my dress and pull my underwear down to my knees. And then raise my dress as I bent over the sofa.

Bending over the sofa I would feel the cane dance across my bare backside in a light, rapid-fire fashion. Mother would whip my bare skin on my pudgy bum with countless light strokes. I screamed as it felt like the skin was being taken off my ass already ! But it was just loving punishment from mother. There was extreme redness and burning, but never bruising. Mother was an expert botty-smacker. That goes without saying, Veronica. It is a mother's duty already ?!

My mom sure had a good target to aim at with her spanky-stick, because my chubby botty was covered in the fairest, alabaster-white skin in Georgia. I had fabulous tan lines as a ten year old princess, and my conservative clothes and 1950s two-piece swim suits meant the Georgia sun did not reach my tender cotton-white backside. I was the Lil' Miss Coppertone Girl from those 1950s sun cream adverts ! :-)

I have still gotten my whiter-than-white hiney Veronica :-)
I wear large 1950s-style swimsuit bottoms, to keep the sun off my big, round ass ! My hubby loves it. So when I get my underwear pulled down and my tender-skinned botty tanned hard with the whippy nasty cane from the get go, I feel like that naughty child again who gotten whooped by my mother back in suburban 1960s Georgia. And all the better when my mom is still fit and well and God-blessed in her 80s already !
Sure done me good, Veronica. CP was good for me
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx