Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Detention in private school only means one thing...

Caught smoking by daddy... guess what happens next?

Selfie accidentally sent to dads cell phone..ooops!

Wives that flirt need a damn good spanking!

"I'm ready for my spanking daddy..:("

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Snow White to Rose Red...I'm talkin' tender bottoms, Veronica !

Two naughty lil' daughters (photo 1) back at home in the living room with their strict, religious, conservative, traditional, very Ol' fashioned mother holding the hick'ry stick Veronica ? Oh my ! I am sure used to that already ! Boo-Hoo. Boo-Hoos.

To be exact my mother held the dreaded, whippy, rattan cane; aka the flexible Southern switch; aka "the hornet nest". It caused terrible but harmless discomfort to naughty, tender-bare, princess botties in our house on a regular basis !! :-(

This was the mid 1960s and my sister and I gotten our hands on our pretty lil' heads while mommy adjusted our shorts and panties (due South) to expose the sensitive alabaster-white skin on our chubby bums for a proper maternal whooping !! :-(
That was the punishment Veronica. Then we gotten sent to our bedrooms. And yes, my own two lil' daughters naturally suffered the same strict, loving fate in the early 1990s. Oh my ! Like mother, like daughter. It sure worked.

Veronica, do you think that these two girls' soft, tender botties are as purest-snow-white as their white cotton tops ? Maybe you could "skin" their fairest bare backsides with my switch ?

Oh my ! Look at those cutey-white, lil' cotton dungarees. Can you be just like that wonderful strict, loving mommy from Zekel's cartoon yesterday Veronica ? (previous post to this, Thursday May 31) and undo those fasteners, buckles and straps, and let her cotton-soft protective dungarees fall away to leave her standing pouting and trembling in her lil' white cotton panties. Scary !
And then you can bare her (the "cool breeze on the botty" moment) for the cane Veronica.

Yes, Smoking Girl number two gotten raised to fear the smack of her father's strap across her bare behind during her childhood. Sure gonna get a good lickin' with the leather right now. Smokin' butts walkin' folks !

"Selfie" Girl number 3 - Veronica, I sure remember a conservative, Ol' fashioned quote right now for her (a popular parental sayin' in 1950s/60s Georgia)..."As a strictly raised Christian girl, no man had ever set eyes on her bare backside, save for her strict father naturally !"
And as a woman in my late 50s Veronica, I so do approve of that context. And I so do love those type of phrases that describe the normality and necessity of corporal punishment in the loving home.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx