Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday's Spankable...

The school year has finally come to an end but the countless spankings that will soon take place have just begun.

Summer is here and so is mischief...

Young ladies with bad report cards and strict parents do not mix well.

Pleaded skirts will cease in exchange for cut-off shorts and summer dresses.

Bad attitudes across the land must come to a halt!!!

One last school paddling but more will follow at home.

Daydreaming of boys and trouble is never advisable. 

Lilly white bottoms in the morning will be crimson red come nightfall.

Flirty schoolgirls with short skirts need a good old-fashioned spanking!!!

All smiles now but soon tears will flow once she's home!

Firm paternal laps a strong hand and sturdy hairbrush is much needed this time of year.

Until September... smile and have a spanktastic summer. :)


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to September already, Veronica ! And my hubby even more so already :-)

I love photo 1 - Oh my ! These two terrible twins gotten raised in a strict, traditional household and often felt the leather strap across their bare backsides from their papa growing up. No half-measures regarding CP from a strict father !
And did I mention the hickory stick across their bare bums from their hard-working momma already ? No woodshed required Veronica - just the "spanking chair" in the living room. They sure don't wanna go home now with their bad School Reports and all ! Boo-Hoo. Awe...Poor lil' things. Bare botties sure gotten whooped.

Veronica, check out the new trailer on Slumber Party Sluts. Oh my !
Those lovely kind but no-nonsense super-hero mommies Miss Elizabeth and Miss Bernadette discover four very naughty daughters in the bedroom.

Strict family values need to be enforced so, one by one, four pairs of lil' cotton panties had to come down, so that maternal justice gotten served upon four tender-skinned, bare lilly white botties with the bath brush and mommy-approved leather strap. Mommies are so cross and the daughters gotten punished good n proper on the appropriate place designed for CP. Momma Spankings is too realistic already Veronica. Scary stuff ! :-)
Keep on smiling y'all :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls will be spanked by irate parents ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Those flirty little mischievous school girls will be reporting to naughty devil's Sassy Summer Spanking School in their pretty flirty little pleated mini-skirts for refresher classes in over-the-knee panties down blushing bare bottom spankings all summer long to be ready for yet another year of flirty sassy mischievousness come September!!! Naughty devil's Sassy Summer Spanking School proudly assures that 100% of all flirty sassy mischievous little darlings tearfully graduate with beautifully blushing bottoms, ready and eager for another year of flirty mischievous naughtiness to earn all their summers spent over their favorite naughty devil's knee!!! With wicked best wishes and eternal otk spankings, as usual, ND =;)