Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Girls having some fun.. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica they certainly are . Best Spanks, Tim x

Anonymous said...

Mother & Daughter - Noooooo ! Mommy !

This photo and your amazing Blog brings the duality of my spanking life to the fore.
I am both the naughty lil' daughter and the strict, loving mommy.

Before meeting my hubby in the 1980s, Veronica, I was purely a submissive girl: a 1950s born, strictly raised, good lil' Christian girly thing from Georgia. Being a submissive "bottom was purely a result of being raised in a strict, religious family where corporal punishment was frequent and normal. As a child when I gotten naughty, with lies or tantrums my mother would whip my bare backside with a cane - aka the thin Southern switch - which she kept in the downstairs cupboard.

Domestic punishment for my younger sister and me was similar to our girlfriend peers in our neighborhood. Although of course my mother's thin, rattan cane on a bare botty stung a lot more than the standard maternal hand or hairbrush. Oh my ! We lil' girls gotten it harsh Veronica. But fair already !

When my hubby and me gotten blessed by God with two wonderful daughters in the mid 1980s...how would they be disciplined ? As a student in the 1970s I was a rebellious punky brat; but then as a mother, I returned my my traditional upbringing and roots of being a conservative, strict, caring mom. My girls sure gotten no PC, timeouts or groundings, Veronica. Just firm, loving maternal CP on their bare bottoms. Yes M'am ! Just like I gotten as a child.

My hubby was no disciplinarian. He was the good cop Veronica. No worries. I was the "Botty Smacker-in-Chief". I was the bad cop mommy ha-ha ! God provided we princesses with chubby, well-padded botties covered in lots of fairy-sensitive skin...designed to receive the "rod of correction", in a safe, salutary way eh Veronica ?! So when yours truly gotten cross, panties gotten pulled down and that sensitive bare skin gotten whooped with the rubber spatula (early years) and mainly the rattan switch in those bratty years.

In the 1960s in our Church Group and Bible Classes, it was the fierce but kind moms who did the spanking, Veronica. Dads were at work or away from home on work (like my father was)
A strict mom was a good mom. Spanking was a mother's duty !

Spankings were common in the parks, in the malls, in the parking lots, at home, during the coffee mornings, in the garden, around the padding pools...Oh my ! I grew up surrounded by stern, no-nonsense Southern moms who spanked their daughters on their tender bare alabaster-white bottoms right here right now. No messing ! My mom was one of the strictest, but she did not spank in public.

Strict mommies know best Veronica ! My daughters are now happy, successful and married in their early 30s and I can report that their their sensitive -skinned botties have recovered from mommy's whoopings !! We strong women all learned the difference between right and wrong on our bare seats of learning, didn't we Veronica !?

With my girls having fled the nest (over ten years' ago) I have now gotten to strongly resume my natural "submissive bottom" role again as a wife. I still work full time in a big company, Veronica (!!) and visit the gym most days. Approaching age 60, I am also feeling very 1950s /1960s retro on lifestyle, values ...and spanking !!

This includes me working on my famous tan-lines and preserving my natural alabaster-white, very-fair-skinned (and very large) botty. I feel like a naughty child again at home in Georgia when my hubby fetches the cane aka that mommy-approved "1960s hornets nest !" and drops it on my bare ass in the traditional fashion !

Hugs and thanks and spanks Veronica.
Naughty 1960s daughter and strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx