Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Just girls having some fun.. :)

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Anonymous said...

Duality of mother/daughter ?

Veronica, I am a 1950s born Southern daughter ( aged 60 next year) and a 1980s Southern mother (to two wonderful daughters, now early 30s). This photo gives me a fascinating dilemma. I guess I am a "switch".

I am a natural submissive (my sister is also) having been raised in a strict, conservative household where corporal punishment was normal along with Church, Bible Classes, Cheerleading, sports and Homework ! Mom kept a rattan cane in the cupboard and when we gotten naughty out came the "switch" and down came our panties. Simple !

Mom's loving but stern methods worked for me and sister because we became happy, polite, successful, educated working girls and strict moms...so it would sure work for my daughters already ?!
When my girls were bad and needed their botties whooped, my hubby would sent them to yours truly, Veronica ! He was no disciplinarian. No worries, I know many families where the moms were the spankers. Including my own mother !!

In the 1980s/90s I was a working mother and was very strict with my girls. We were a normal, traditional Southern family who believed in CP. When the girls were at an early age (late 1980s) and first needed discipline I recall telling them that God had provided them with a special, well-padded, chubby place covered in the fairest-tender, sensitive skin possible, and upon which (in its unprotected, natural, bare state...their underwear pulled down by me !!) a mother's firm loving chastisement would now be applied throughout their childhood.

I went to the store to research and purchase a flexible, medium-hard rubber spatula (the botty smacker) with a good handle, testing it on my palm already....and so in the early years, it always gotten applied to the bare alabaster-white skin on their bottoms, over my knee. It sure worked Veronica !

When they gotten to the serious bratty ages of 8, 9, 10, 11 etc I introduced the cane aka the flexible switch aka the hornets nest. Same as my mother did with me and sister - hands on head, knickers to knees, bare botties whipped a good'un. It is something of a Southern trait for daughters to thank their mothers for firm discipline administered growing up.

Veronica, I can report that the fairy-soft skin covering their ample botties has survived their mother's chastening and whooping ! oh my ! They still thank me for my loving firm fashions of old. My sister and me gotten to thank my mom already (now in her 80s) The duality of being a mom and a daughter Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx