Wednesday, June 13, 2018

More "GREAT" art!

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Anonymous said...

Like, go pick a switch young lady ?, sort of :-)
Lil' Red Riding Bottom gotten herself tanned.

How wonderful Veronica. Oh my ! Spanking with love. Just when a naughty bottom needs it !
Alfresco spontaneity is alive and kicking ...just like this naughty lil' damsel in distress.
Is that technically a strap or a switch Veronica ? ha-ha...a Southern girl like me would sure ask that already !
Love the leggings pulled down. And her scarlet skinned sit upon. Job done: sore-botty-red-ass delivered. Boo-Hoo.

Sure is a genius piece of creativity from daddy, improvising nature to admonish the exposed and very sensitive, pale "seat of learning" aka the bare tender wonderfully designed and blessed by God and Nature for that very purpose. All swell and salutary y'all !
Strict Ol' Fashioned Mommy Brenda xx