Monday, June 11, 2018

My sore bum needs some rubbing cream... stat!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl Next Door gonna get a switchin'

Oh my ! Just look at your lovely fairy-white botty Veronica. My Hubby will sure rub the cream in. But I am gonna fetch my mommy-approved spanky-stick from the cupboard (my long-serving rattan switch designed for tender bare princess botties) and have me whoop some loving, maternal justice administered on your bare behind, young lady !

You really are a naughty lil' daughter who needs to be spanked by mommy the Ol' fashioned way (like I always gotten it)...yes missy, you can leave your jeans and panties exactly where they are. In my experience, your botty is appropriately protected already !! :-(

Veronica, check out Momma Spankings today, to see naughty daughter Reyna who gotten whupped by her mom and dad. Lovely Miss Anna is such a lovely, strict, traditional mommy who gives her daughter care and guidance ...with the wooden hairbrush on her bare bottom. Good and traditional eh ?! Sure worked for me back in the day !

Strict Mommy Brenda xx

The Glenmore said...

I'll volunteer for that V!☺

Anonymous said...

Botty lotion neede for young Veronica ,best from Tim to V. and Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter

This sure is a familiar sight to me over the years Veronica, as a strict, loving 1980s mother who raised two wonderful daughters with traditional, Southern, family values and CP. God sure did provide such a tender-skinned, well-padded, chubby place for a mother's chastisement eh ?!

And of course, two sensitive, alabaster-white botties also gotten whooped red with a flexible rattan switch by our mother when me and my sister were growing up in the 1960s in our house in a conservative, religious suburb of Atlanta.

So love your superlative, perky, pouty botty Veronica. So lush already ;-)
I want to fetch my lil' mommy-approved Southern cane !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx