Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

Father's day funnies...

... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - Oh my ! So cute and funny. So love the lack of PC on these Ol' fashioned cartoons, Veronica. And Paw sure would have spanked a bare-skinned botty already back in the day when he was raising his daughter. That was Paw for the Course :-)
Being born in the late 1950s, I gotten raised in that PC. And plenty of CP on my bare bum. Served me well Veronica !

Yes my father believed that when his two daughters gotten naughty they needed to go across his knee with their botties completely bare for a good spanking. Jammies gotten pulled down at bedtime - cartoon 5. A hard hand and a hairbrush were used on our bare seats of learning. In the mid 1960s he was away a lot on business, and so my stricter mother bought a cane to replace her wooden spoon :-(

Talking of canes I love that conservative, strict German scene (cartoon 8) with a strict Bavarian father punishing his daughter in the only way suitable !
Love the dress up, pink cotton panties pulled down, as was required.

Veronica one of my best friends still today is a German lady who I gotten to meet in the early 1980s when I was a single girl, working at a large company. It was my first job after College. She is now aged 70, ten years' older than myself, and was raised in 1950s Germany before emigrating to the USA. We shared similar strict, religious childhoods ! We could share our experiences in confidence - I was fairly discreet about mentioning spanking to others at work already, Veronica.

My friend gotten punished by her parents, growing up, with a flexible, rattan cane called a "Rohrtsock". Nasty but harmless, this was a common bottom smacker in homes. She had to bend over the bed or chair and always gotten the cane on the bare skin of her bottom with her underwear pulled down and her skirts and petticoats hoisted. She said that was just normal corporal punishment back in Europe in the 1950s and I gotten raised the same with the rattan cane aka "the switch" (on my bare bum) from my own mother a decade later in Atlanta in the 1960s. We still talk about this regularly today...unsurprisingly Veronica ! :-)
A nostalgic cartoon that, number 8.
Thank you Veronica
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx