Thursday, June 21, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "No Panty Day"

Tomorrow is June 22 also known as the international "NO PANTY DAY" but today June 21st I decided to go out to work pantiless. Why not celebrate 2 days without wearing panties... right? Too top things off I wore a rather sheer dress and if caught in the right light you can see that I have no panties underneath, especially in the Texas sunlight. It was a great day at the office with lots of bulges beneath suit pants if you know what I mean. Walking home with the afternoon sun at my back I had my share of catcalls and whistles... I was feeling great until I got home and hubby also realized that I was out the entire day without any panties on!!! That's when the hairbrush came out and a very hard over-the-knee spanking took place. My ass was set on fire but I do plan on not wearing panties again tomorrow, even if I'm sporting a red bottom.... :(

I love not having any panty lines.. :)

I told you I wasn't wearing any panties.. :)

Now for the lecture!!!

"Oh No! Not the hairbrush!"

Revealing what he suspected all along.. No panties!

So celebrate June 22 "No Panty Day" with me tomorrow... I'll be the girl with some red underneath her skirt..:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Oh my ! Just look at your lovely super-soft, chubby botty here !
You are soooo the naughty lil' daughter next door.
I would love to walk behind you on the streets of Austin, Veronica, looking at your pantiless wibble-wobble pouty-botty curves jiggling about in that thin, hugging dress, already :-)

And my hubby would follow you all the way home already !!! :-)
I cannot repeat his testosterone-filled ranting at the sight of your peachy ass, Veronica !
I remind him that this is a domestic, strict, loving spanking Blog already !!
Oh my ! Sooooo good.
Wonderful bare bottom OTK scenes here.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Unknown said...

This is definitely one of your more memorable posts.